The Oracle sells for $799 at Lancaster Archery Supply. The sight also comes in a little on the heavy side. It weighed in at 1.1 pounds on our LCA Bow Scale. For a comparison, we weighed the HHA Optimizer Lite bow sight. It weighed in at .5 pounds. With that said, you must keep in mind, this is a sight and rangefinder built in one.

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The Oracle range locating bow sight by using Burris Optics offers precision while you want it maximum. At the rush of a button The Oracle immediately shows the space for your goal and the precise aiming point to hit your goal.

The Oracle laser-rangefinding bow instantly calculates and shows the exact aiming factor for any distance and shot angle.

Most bow set-usawill be capable of attain eighty-one hundred ten yards relying on bow pace and arrow weight. The Oracle bow sight routinely detects whilst the sight is mounted for a left-passed bow and reverses the LED readout. One CR123 battery powers the sight for 1,000-2,000 cycles. MSRP: $899 Specifications Item Number 300400 Oracle X & Oracle 2

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Watch: This Video Of Woman Failing At Archery, Hitting Arrow On Head Is Hilarious – One such video of a woman trying archery but hitting the arrow in her face has gone viral on Instagram. A post shared by FailArmy (@failarmy) Shared by the hilarious content page “FailArmy.

The Oracle X and Oracle 2 are lightweight and robust enough to weather any conditions (shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof) Features 2-7x Variable Zoom The Oracle X features magnification compensation so your aiming point stays accurate as you change magnification from 2-7 power! Burris Forever Warranty

Additionally, the Oracle may be used whether you're right or left-exceeded. It's shipped in a right-handed configuration, but manual consists of instructions for switching it to a left-hand configuration. The Oracle rangefinding bow sight has an MSRP of $829.99. For extra information, visit burrisoptics.Com. In this article.

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