Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaner
Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaner

Laura Reilly is the founder and editor of Magasin, a weekly shopping dispatch. Laura Reilly is the founder and editor of Magasin, a weekly buying dispatch. Obviously people have been shopping for.

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Modugno captures the emblem DNA throught its undying look in an 8 base metal body. It ensures high comfort thanks to its rubber give up-suggestions, adjustable nostril pads.

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Modugno captures the brand DNA through its timeless look in an 8 base metal frame. It ensures high comfort thanks to its rubber end-tips, adjustable nose pads.

Modugno captures the brand DNA thought its timeless look in an 8 base metal frame. It ensures high comfort thanks to its rubber end-tips, adjustable nose pads.

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The Hoppe's Elite® cleaning line was designed with the avid hunter and shooter in mind. A complete departure from our traditional Hoppe's No. 9 solvent, this.

The value of a used gun varies according to the make and model of the gun, its condition and its age. The best way to get a quick general idea of what a particular gun is worth is to research the gun on an online gun auction site.
Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner not only penetrates down to the steel's molecular pores while cleaning carbon, copper and lead contamination, but it also conditions.

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Hoppe's Traditional #9 solvent cleans fouling and loosens abrasive dirt from firearm parts to prevent wear and protect your investment. A strong rust inhibitor, it protects your firearms from costly corrosion damage and aids in cleaning and preventing carbon and lead build-up in barrels to maintain top accuracy.
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Product Overview. This special blend of cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and surface treatments safely penetrates the pores of metal to clean all types of fouling and powder residue. Hoppe's Elite also conditions the barrel to repel additional fouling, provides a powerful lubricant and can cut your cleaning time by up to 80%.
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