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The holster fits just perfectly and functionality of everything together is surprisingly great and comfort is a 10/10. Will see how durable this will be after.

Mar 25, 2022.

The STRAPT-TAC is ambidextrous and easy to wear in a multitude of positions and heights. It can be worn strongside or appendix position in a.

Inside waistband polymer holsters for concealed carry your handgun. Please note these holsters are not fit for any attachment like laser or light accessories. 【TRIGGER GUARD COVER, NO RISK of.

Concealed carry shouldn't be painful so the STRAPT Belly Band Holster is made from soft and breathable aeroprene for maximum comfort. (Kydex holster not.

He testified that when he entered the restaurant he saw blood on the floor and a spent shell casing with a belly band holster. He said it had two magazines and then two more rounds in the holster.
It is comfortable and very well constructed and packaged. That said, it didn't work for my body/gear/preference. The top of the slide/grip hung forward too much.

The STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster can accommodate full size pistols, compact or even subcompact firearms and is compatible with all gun models. Each STRAPT-TAC ships with one of our Universal Magazine & Tool Sheaths included in the package and matches perfectly with our IWB Kydex Holster.
The belt is 1.5 inches wide, and your IWB holster fits into the pocket with the clip attaching over the belt. The pocket acts like your pants worn with a belt. You'll need to rovide your own IWB holster (Travis Pike for TTAG) You will need to provide your own Kydex holster with the STRAPT-TAC.
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ACCOMMODATES ALL GUN MODELS – The STRAPT-TAC Belly Band Holster can accommodate full size pistols, compact or even subcompact firearms and is compatible with all gun models including the most popular models such as the Glock 19, 17, 23, 25, 26, 27, 32, 33, 42, 43 | Sig Sauer P365 | Springfield Hellcat | Smith and Wesson M&P Shield | Ruger | Kel.

A Strong and Secure platform for your IWB or OWB holster, mag pouches.

Premium Full Grain US Leather Belt is strong enough to carry all your gear and stylish enough for discreet everyday.

An 8 AWG wires can carry 40 to 55 amps of electrical current, depending on the type of wire used. Non-metallic cables can carry 40 A, copper wire can carry 50 to 55 A and aluminum wires can carry 40 to 45 A.
The STRAPT-TAC uses a patent-pending system that incorporates your IWB kydex firearm holster that provides the retention and trigger protection that you feel.